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Emilio Rafael Treviño

I’ve worked all my life as an actor and coming here to the Institute makes me realize this is a safe place. A place for actors to work on their craft and to grow not only as artists but also as human beings. I am so grateful to all my teachers, to everyone at the Institute, to my friends here, because they have all taught me something. To come from another country makes you realize that not everyone has the opportunity to be here. So when you come here, you know that they are giving you gold. This Institute is giving gold to the actors. They tell you things that no one else will tell you, things that are useful not only when you’re working but also when you’re not. When you’re off-stage or off-camera and you start questioning yourself, when you feel anxious about if you’re on the right path, you know that the Strasberg Institute has given you the tools to find the path to your dream. The Institute has started you on the journey of becoming a better actor. For that, I feel very thankful.

During my days here at Strasberg, I went to the library to watch all the tapes of Lee’s classes. I was hearing him speak and realized that, if he could be here now, I’m sure that he would be very proud of what the Institute is today. His legacy has not been erased. It is more powerful than ever. The Institute gives that power to the new artists that come into this world. We live in a world that is not connected with empathy, not connected with vulnerability. The Institute is preparing actors for that work, preparing actors to help people connect with themselves, with their humanity. It’s the most beautiful gift someone can give you.