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A lesser known but wonderful play by the acclaimed author of The Woolgatherer and Extremities. The story concerns a young hemophiliac youth named Chandler who has been kept, of necessity, by his cab driver mother in a very sheltered sort of existence. Chandler is desperate for contact with the world. He is also highly intelligent; but is supremely naive about the ways of the world. He pays a neighbor to bring him a girl; but he can’t go through with his plans to have sex with her. He just doesn’t know what to do about his craving for love until he meets Shivaree. She is another neighbor who supports herself by being an itinerant belly dancer. She is a True Original, and before too long the delightful Shivaree and the innocent Chandler are in love, much to the consternation of Chandler’s mother, who forbids him to ever see Shivaree again. Chandler, undaunted, climbs out the fire escape his first venture outside his hermetic world going after his love. Fans of Mr. Mastrosimone’s plays will recognize the trueness of the characterizations and the poignancy and humor of typical Mastrosimone dialogue in this wonderful play.

Character Breakdown

Mary Ann