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A Memory of Two Mondays



Writing of A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYS, Chapman called it: “a one-act fragment about people who work in an automobile parts warehouse in the early Roosevelt days. Properly speaking, it has no plot—yet something does happen to almost everybody. A youth gets a chance to go to college. A drunk reforms. Another drunk rebels. A young man with a song in his soul finds himself forgetting the song as poverty and a lack of opportunity grind him down.” Somewhat Chekhovian in style, A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYS provides an unusual number of meaty parts for actors.

Character Breakdown

Bert (M, 18) wide eyed protagonist. A young man with big dreams, Bert toils in the shipping room of a large auto-parts warehouse at the height of the Great Depression, a period during which he and his coworkers were among the 75% of Americans lucky enough to have a job, no matter how exhausting, boring, and unpleasant it might be.
Larry (M) Bert's coworker
Tom (M) Bert's coworker
Raymng (M) Bert's coworker
Gus (M) Bert's coworker
Kenneth (M, Irish) Bert's coworker
Agnes (F, pinster receptionist)
Patricia (F, pretty secretary)
Jim (M, 70s)
Frank (M, shipping clerk)
Jerry (M) Willy's drinking buddy
Willy (M)
Mechanic (M)
Mr. Eagle (M, warehouse owner)