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New Associate Degree Program Finishes First Year

This year has been far from traditional, but the transition to online classes has not stopped the first class of students pursuing Associate of Occupational Studies in Acting (also referred to as AOS Degree) from The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles.

The Associate Degree program accepts applications for both International and Domestic Students. Enrollment for the Associate Degree class of 2022 is open until November 20th for International students and December 4th for Domestic students. Classes will begin in January 2021.

Student Reflections

Students in the class of 2021 have experienced both in-person and online classes. Over the past year, students have been working with faculty to improve their craft and deepen their understanding of Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting techniques.

“Not only do I have a place where I am allowed to create and explore freely, I have the proper guidance to exercise my instrument. I’ve benefitted physically, mentally and emotionally from The Method.”

Rukki Filpi, AOS Degree Student

Why choose the Associate Degree Program?

“I chose the AOS degree because I wanted to be in a structured graded program with students whose training is taken seriously because they are equally passionate about acting and intend to pursue it as a career.”

Rebecca Pearce, AOS Degree Student

The AOS Degree program offers an experience unique to The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles. While pursuing a degree, students also get the opportunity to mount a theatre production with their class during their first year and produce a short film in their second year. In addition, the AOS Degree program culminates with a presentation of degrees. Comparatively, students in the one and two-year conservatory programs received certificates instead of degrees.

“I believe full heartedly that me making the choice to go to this school is the reason I’m gonna be the best artist I can be.”

Vjosa Halili, AOS Degree Student

Faculty Reflections

The AOS students will leave the Institute with the knowledge of Method Acting in a true pure form. There also will be many lucrative professional career choices as an actor, writer, director, teacher, coach, and much more. The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in West Hollywood has a stellar AOS program to provide unique and exceptional skills.”

Sharon Angela, LSTFI LA Faculty

The Differences Between AOS Degree and Conservatory

Many of the instructors teaching the AOS Degree also teach for conservatory and semester-based classes. One of the advantages of the AOS Degree identified by the faculty is the ability to work with the same group of students and instructors for a whole year. This unique set-up creates a tight-knit community for students. For faculty, getting to know the students allows them to understand how students are progressing.

“One of the benefits of the AOS program is I got to see the students over more than one semester so I could really track their progress with everything from the exercises to scene work. My AOS students were a great group… They were dedicated and very talented.”

Dig Wayne, LSTFI LA Faculty

“[The AOS Degree Students] have shown extreme dedication to learning, growing, and offering their individual curiosity about the craft of acting. They will each be prepared to offer great skill to a future creative career”

Kymberly Harris, LSTFI LA Faculty

Interested in Applying to the AOS Degree Class of 2022?

“I would recommend the Method to anybody who has never done any acting before and needs to get grounded… and understand that acting is such a long and hard journey. I have recommended this school to a lot of my friends… because I fully believe that this school will change you and will give you such a chance to make a difference in [the film/theatre] industry.”

Vjosa Halili, AOS Degree Student

It is not too late to apply for the Associate Degree class of 2022. The program is still enrolling and will start their first semester this Winter. Application deadline for International Students is November 20th, 2020. Deadline for Domestic Students is December 4th, 2020.

The AOS Degree program features degree exclusive classes, including ‘Craft to Career,’ Self Tape instruction, and production-focused classes. For a complete look at the AOS Degree curriculum, explore the curriculum guide linked below.