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The Goddess



Emily Ann Faulkner is born into poverty in The South, has no father, no friends, and is unloved by her indifferent mother, who does not want to be tied down by a child. When Emily Ann becomes a teenager, she remains a loner, but has a sensual sexuality that attracts boys. She marries young, but leaves her first husband, a world-weary GI, John Tower, for Hollywood. She becomes an actress and is soon transformed by Hollywoodinto the glamorous superstar sex goddess, Rita Shawn. Though she has attained fame and wealth, she is still a loner in the depths of despair. When her elderly mother, who has turned from immorality to religion bordering on fanaticism, comes to visit, Rita is thrilled and clings to her. She tries to impress her and has a couple in to visit. As the guests are leaving, Rita’s mother thanks them for being such good friends to her daughter. She is told that they do not really know her daughter, having just met her. Rita wants her mother to stay on, but Mrs. Faulkner insists on going home. When she is leaving the house, Rita becomes enraged and screams from the doorway that she hates her and wishes her dead. When her mother dies, Rita is heavily sedated and miserable at the funeral. She now lives under the constant attention of a stern secretary/nurse Harding, who takes control of the self-destructive actress.

Character Breakdown

Emily Ann Faulkner
Dutch Seymour
John Tower
Mrs. Laureen Faulkner
The Boy
Lester Brackman
Nurse Harding
Alice Marie

Teacher Notes

The role of Emily Ann Faulkner was played by Kim Stanley. The character and story were allegedly modeled after Marilyn Monroe