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i’m sorry for your trouble

Joe is dead. Really dead. So tonight, four hours after her funeral, Joe’s childhood friends are gathering at their neighborhood bar.


Old friends, new friends, and a woman building an empire meet up at a remote cabin to celebrate the anniversary of Lisa’s departure from this earth. But something lurking in the woods threatens the very fabric of their lives. And also their other lives.

The Last Supper and Three Years Later

A group of friends navigate their personal lives and relationships in the days leading up to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Act II finds the same group three years later.

No Shade

The subway is shut down, the streets are flooded, and time has run out on the Climate Clock. With the crisis at a tipping point, New Yorkers must make a choice – go down fighting or place their faith in career politicians?

We Are Not Well

Cover Photo for We Are Not Well

A failing American cruise ship conglomerate calls on an avant-garde theatre director to adapt Eugène Ionesco’s The Chairs, set to premiere on board as they launch a new route through The Bahamas. What could go wrong?

Old Friends Who Just Met

Cover Photo for Old Friends Who Just Met

As graduation approaches, nine roommates of Odyssey College’s Class of 2001 learn to navigate their lives and find their voices – all in an ever more complex time in history.

Millenial Pink Falcon

Cover Photo for Millennial Pink Falcon

A think tank in a distant but also not so distant future is tasked with one job: finding the best possible way to explain to humankind that there are aliens in their midst.

East Coast Curriculum

east coast curriculum strasberg student production

In this modern day riff on Arthur Schnitzer’s La Ronde set in an elite liberal arts college, twelve students’ lives intertwine as they discover the fear and ecstasy of finding yourself.

Ugly Little Sister

Wonder what would happen if the Kardashians were in a Greek tragedy? A group of sisters seek divine intervention in their human schemes and utter chaos ensues.

Pulp Vérité

A team of filmmakers return to the States from Syria to finish a documentary. But what begins as a story about creating art to survive quickly becomes personal as the team finds themselves attempting the impossible: bringing the last member of their crew home.


When Wanda is delivered to Wayward, a nature camp for troubled teens, she finds herself immersed in a world of conflicting truths battling for salvation.

The School Play

As a winter storm approaches, nine high school students are summoned to a darkened theater at midnight. Not one of them knows what they’re doing there or for what reason they, specifically, have been asked to come.